Since 1989 Tymac has provided the Port of Vancouver and it’s Cruise Ship Industry with comprehensive and economical Waste Removal Services, helping customers implement Recycling Programs that reduce Waste Streams, Disposal Costs and impact on the environment.

Whether offloading Dockside or Waterside our experienced and highly trained staff are authorized to handle all classes of waste including International, Domestic, Bio-Medial, Special (TDG), Oil Sludge and Oily Water.

Utilizing a wide variety of floating and shore based equipment you can rest assured that you will receive prompt and dependable service at all times.

Environmental Commitment

Whenever possible all waste Tymac receives is disposed of using Waste-to-Energy Facilities and, or is recycled and re-purposed using our large network of vendors and recyclers.

Waste Removal

  • Authorized Handling and Disposal of all types of International, Domestic, Bio-Medial and Special (TDG) Wastes.
  • Disposal and Recycling of Oily Water and Oily Sludge.
  • Supply of Containers, Equipment and Tools for the prep and disposal of various types of Waste and Recycling.


All Tymac Tug’s and Barges are approved for use by Transport Canada and undergo rigorous safety checks.

Training Standards:

All Tymac Tug Masters are certified by Transport Canada and must hold a minimum Master Limited 60 Ton Certificate, Marine First Aid Ticket and participate in Annual Spill Response, Confined Space, Forklift and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Training in order to be permitted to operate.