Tymac has always been about moving you and your cargo safely from Point A to Point B. Ever since our first water taxi (also known as a “Launch”) came into service 85 years ago, Tymac continues to do today what its founders had set out to do from its inception – provide a safe and quick marine transport alternative for the Vancouver Shipping Industry and it’s surrounding areas.

Using our newly redesigned fleet of Twin Prop & Jet Driven Passenger Boats, Tymac is proud to specialize in the transportation of Marine Pilots, Agents, Ship Owners, Transport Canada, CBSA and various other marine personnel and governmental agencies.

Marine Transportation Services:

  • Pilot Boarding & Disembarkation
  • Movement of Ships Crew, Agents, Ship Owners and Representatives to and from Anchorage / Shore
  • Transportation of Cargo to and from Anchorage / Shore
  • General Water Taxi Service for Governmental Agencies (CBSA, CFIA, DOT), Ship Maintenance, and other Professional Organizations.


All Tymac passenger vessels are approved for use by the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA) of Canada, Canada Boarder Services Agency (CBSA) Bonded Carriers, and are Blue Decal Complaint.

Training Standards:

All Tymac Launch Masters are certified by Transport Canada and must hold a minimum Master Limited 60 Ton Certificate, Marine First Aid Ticket and participate in Annual Man Overboard (MOB) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training in order to be permitted to operate.

Private Charter, Harbour Tours and other services are available upon request.