Tymac’s “DICE” Recently Featured in BC Shipping

BCSN-APRIL16Tymac’s new paperless innovation – Dispatch Integrated Control Engine (commonly referred to as “DICE”) – allows¬†Tymac’s operations to operate online by¬†digitizing all work orders, manifests and invoices, all while giving its customers the ability to view this information in real time.

“Not only does it digitize all the crew, people on the vessels, and which vessels are moving,” said Hnatko, “it also tracks the geo coordinates of all of our vessels as well as their routes. So we can look at efficiencies – for example, find the most efficient route or combination of jobs that would allow for better utilization of our crew and vessels.”

“It’s all about being able to provide them (clients) with as much value as possible – value which we hope will help them make real-time, informed decisions about their business.”

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