Tymac was founded by Sam Tyson and Sandy McKenzie (combine the 1st syllables of their last names to get “Tymac”) in 1930 when they built their first Launch in Sandy’s backyard. Based at the North Foot of Columbia Street in Vancouver (now known as Crab Park), Tymac began to transport Workers, Campers and Supplies around Vancouver Harbour and surrounding areas.

Over the next 85 years Tymac has grown to specialize in the Transportation of Ships’ Pilots, Agents, and Crew along with the Transportation of various cargo’s to and from Anchorage / Shore. Since 1989 Tymac is also proud to offer the Port of Vancouver and its Cruise Ship Industry with comprehensive and economical Waste Removal Services, helping customers implement Recycling Programs that reduce Waste Streams, Disposal Costs and impact on the environment.

Since being acquired by Tidal Transport in 2008 Tymac has seen a surge of new equipment including a newly redesigned fleet of Twin Prop & Jet Driven Passenger Boats, Tugs, Barges and Shore Based Equipment.


At Tymac our Core Values of Safety, Environmental Sustainability and Service are at the heart of everything we do. In accordance with this policy, Tymac meets or exceeds compliance with environmental laws and manages all phases of its business in a manner that minimizes the impacts of its operations on the environment. Tymac is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible.


  • Continually provide stewardship to the Environment as one of our Core Values.
  • Meet or exceed compliance with environmental laws, regulations and voluntary commitments applicable to our operations.
  • Minimize impact of our operations on the environment through the adoption of Pollution Prevention principles.
  • Administer an integrated risk based approach to environmental systems management.
  • Present our environmental expectations to our employees, suppliers, regulators, customers and public.
  • Invest in our valued employees and augment their competencies through training while working towards developing our shared environmental purpose.
  • Incorporate sustainable business practices in the procurement, use and disposal of energy, materials and services.
  • Conduct regular, systematic reviews of our systems and processes effectiveness to foster continuous improvement in Tymac’s environmental performance.

Our Culture. Our Standards.

Safety & Training

Go above and beyond industry standards by offering Annualized Re-Certification Training, Bi-Annual Emergency Response Training, 3rd Party Compliance Audits and Complimentary Post-Secondary Education and Training for staff.

Environmental Sustainability

Committed to reducing the impact that we and our customers have on the environment through the utilization of sustainable practices, reduced idling times and implementation of paperless technologies.

Client Partership

Work collaboratively with our marine partners to build mutual support, showcase transparency and to encourage communication and the achievement of common goals between organizations.


Strive to be the best and to discover new, innovative and efficient ways of delivering quality service and one of a kind experiences for our customers.

Reliable Service

Provide timely and reliable service in a safe and economical manner – 24/7. 365 Days a Year. Service you can always count on.

Social Stewardship

Committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our community including local nonprofit organizations and youth sports programs.